The last great shoal - South Africa's Sardine Run

The Chasing Tails team is on their first mission. Recent legislation changes to the management of South African sardine stocks may have revived the steadily plummeting numbers of the famed Sardine Run.  Without funding and cash reserves running low, Marine Biologist Ryan Johnson, Filmmaker Hansa Winshaw and Skipper Marcus M’Sani are on a near-impossible mission to locate and film the last great shoal.

About us

Chasing Tails follows the adventures of wildlife cinematographer Hansa Winshaw, and research Biologist Ryan Johnson as they take on some of the most gruelling missions to discover, locate and document the world’s most elusive wildlife phenomena.

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An exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into the challenges Ryan and Hansa face as they attempt to document incredible wildlife considered to ‘high risk’ to fund. Travel alongside the team and live the extreme highs and devastating lows of each adventure. No scripts, no filters, no limits.

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Want to know what really goes into making wildlife documentaries? World renowned wildlife specialists break away from ocean dives or tracking elusive elephants to answer your questions. Reality TV has never been this real.

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Support the Chasing Tails team as they prepare for the next insurmountable mission into the wild.  Earn an executive producer credit, join the documentary team or simply offer support to Ryan and Hansa as they take on new challenges simply too risky for film funders to back.


Ct1 Ryan

Ryan Johnson


Maverick (at least in his own mind) marine biologist and wildlife expert – Ryan is renowned for leading exploration and research expeditions though out Africa and the world

CT1 Hansa

Hansa Winshaw


Award-winning wildlife cameraman and part-time bitcoin investor, Hansa has built a solid reputation for innovative filming techniques and stunning wildlife cinematography

CT1 Chere

Cheri Guevera


Scriptwriter and social media expert, Chere ensures the Chasing Tails Team offers an engaging and captivating narrative to the team’s wild adventures.


Annie Post

Camera operator

Reality television specialist, Annie ensures coverage of the wildlife team remains unfiltered and unscripted.

CT1 Naudine

Naudene Leisegange


Boasting over 20 years in the documentary editing field, Naudene brings the swashbuckling adventures of the Chasing Tails boys to life for the screen.

CT1 Fiona

Fiona Ayerst


As one of South Africa’s premier underwater and wildlife photographers, Fiona ensures that the adventures of Chasing Tails is documented through her unique and beautiful perspective


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