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The tales of a wildlife cameraman and a wildlife biologist on an unprecedented mission: To track down and discover the worlds greatest natural events. 

Episode 1 - Super Shoal

StatusIn production

The Chasing Tails team is on their first mission. Recent legislation changes to the management of South African sardine stocks may have revived the steadily plummeting numbers of the famed Sardine Run.  Ryan, Hansa and Marcus are on a near-insurmountable quest to locate and film what could be the last great shoal.



StatusSlated for Feb 2019

In an ancient, 120,000ha forest, it is believed elephants still roam. The catch? No one has seen one first hand in over 60 years. Trap cameras have caught sight of what is believed to be an elephant leg. Going by this alone, Ryan and Hansa take on what many believe is a foolhardy quest to find and film these ghosts of the forest. If they succeed, they’ll be the first to film the last unfenced herd of elephants in Southern Africa.


StatusSlated for Oct 2018

The iconic ‘Manta Reef’ put diving in Mozambique on the map. Gill nets, diver pressure and reef degradation, however, has caused the manta rays to desert this once abundant marine range. Have the mantas relocated, or have they been fished out? Ryan and Hansa are on a mission to rediscover the mantas of Mozambique…if they still exist.


StatusSlated for Aug 2019

In an attempt to come up with a ‘new angle’ white shark scientist Ryan, stunned the world with shots of breaching great whites from his ‘breach cam’ – view here. Carrying on from this work, Ryan and Hansa are now attempting to take the ‘breach cam’ to the next level and produce ‘never before seen’ angles of attacking great whites


StatusSlated for Nov 2019

The great migration of wildebeest covers over 800km and is the largest mass land migration in the world. Ryan and Hansa are preparing to join the herds of wildebeest, zebra and gazelles on one of the greatest, most dangerous, migrations on the planet.


StatusSlated for Jan 2020

Reaching 3.7m in length and 350kgs, the leopard seal is Antartica’s most formidable predator. Whilst lethargic on the ice, underwater, the leopard seal turns into a fast, efficient and intelligent hunter. Underwater is where Hansa and Ryan are planning to meet and film this feared Antarctic predator. 


StatusSlated for Sep 2018

Mozambique’s shark populations are under threat. Secret communities have partnered with Asian buyers to hunt big sharks for their fins. Ryan and Hansa join local conservationists on their quest to change perceptions, aid in putting an end to the finning industry, all while documenting the marine wonders of the Mozambican coastline.


StatusSlated for Feb 2020

The Orca or Killer Whale is a known killer for great white sharks. For most, willingly jumping into the water with these 9m long predators would be impossible to contemplate. For the Chasing Tails team, however, capturing these predators in their natural habitat is just another day on the job.


StatusSlated for Nov 2019

A remote, uncolonised island may the the worlds greatest hotspot for Tiger Sharks. Inside information has revealed that this tiny island atoll may host hunter tiger sharks the likes of which have never been seen before. Ryan and Hansa are taking on the challenge of Tiger Island



StatusSlated for May 2019

The Okavango Delta offers miles of untamed, inaccessible wildlife in the very heart of Africa. Home to some of the world’s greatest terrestrial and river predators, the allure of the delta is one the Chasing Tails team can’t ignore. Over the course of two months, Ryan and Hansa will capture the beautiful, inspiring wildlife the Delta has to offer.

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