Hansa Winshaw and Ryan Johnson know what they’re doing. Between them, they have produced and contributed to over 80 wildlife documentaries for international broadcasters, including-but not limited to- BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History Channel and Animal Planet. Enter the uncensored world of wildlife filmmaking with Chasing Tails.

Ryan Johnson


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Hansa Winshaw


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About Ryan

Ryan Johnson is a renowned wildlife and shark biologist and a regular host on shark and marine predator documentaries. His work as a scientific host has seen him travel the globe to document a variety of the wildest phenomena and events on the planet. For Chasing Tails, Ryan offers an unfiltered, behind-the-scenes look at the work of a researcher on a quest to locate, discover and report on the worlds’ greatest wildlife events.

About Hansa

Hansa Winshaw has built a stellar career documenting wildlife as a director of photography and-more recently- as a producer/director. His work behind the lens has produced an arsenal of award-winning documentaries. Chasing Tails presents his debut in front of the camera, where he invites viewers to witness the life, challenges and innovations required by a premier wildlife cinematographer to capture the ultimate shots.